LaTaverna Restaurant, Dayton, NJ

The Cabana Bar, Skippack Vlg, PA

Harbor Head Condo Assoc, Pt. Pleasant, NJ

Bordentown Farmers Market, Bordentown, NJ

Jo Jo's Tavern, Mercerville, NJ

The Breakers Hotel, Spring Lake, NJ

McGillicuddy's Tavern, Loch Arbor, NJ

​Tessera's Restaurant, Hamilton Sq, NJ

Normandy Farms, Blue Bell, PA

Yardley Country Club, Yardley, PA

The Yardley Inn, Yardley, PA

Salt Creek Grille, Princeton, NJ

Justin's Carriage House, Skippack Vlg, PA

​Triumph Brewery, New Hope, PA


A Solo-Acoustic Extravaganza

Recent Venues

Creating a fun and enjoyable atmosphere is at the top of my priority list, and that means being complimentary to whatever situation is called for. This is where a seasoned performer can be invaluable, because it takes experience to ask the right questions up front to make sure everything is perfect come showtime. For most people hosting an event, live music is the "icing on the cake".

I've been performing live from coast to coast and across the seas for the better part of 20 years. One of the attributes I pride myself on the most is being able to quickly survey a crowd and adapt on the spot. Having a working song list of several hundreds of songs enables me to do this, and my repertoire continues to grow all the time. Have a look at the list by clicking here.

A majority of my repeat clientele recognize the fact that their guests love the tropical sound of the steel drum or that it adds to the ambiance they're striving to create. However, a 3 to 4-hour performance of strictly steel drum could also prove tiresome for even the most devoted calypso connoisseur. Being sensitive to this realization, my setlists are generally designed to tastefully integrate the steel drum into a well-balanced mix of rock, reggae, country, funk and oldies. You won't hear the steel drum in every song, but enough that it is a prominent part of the package.

If you don't believe that a solo-acoustic entertainer will be the right fit for your event, I also have the best "hired guns" available at my fingertips to come equipped with a full band. That's an option for you as well.

​I encourage you to give me a call or send me an email for more info. Click here to connect.

Kind Regards,

​Gabe Schick, performing as The Tune Dude

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